Helen and Nadine reveal why they blog…

Last year, Helen was completely done with Facebook, and said goodbye to hundreds of so-called friends. Her idea was: if I would see this person walking by spontaneously in real life, would I stop and go out to grab a drink with him/her right there? If yes: cool! If no: bye bye. Nadine was even more thorough with her facebook and discarded the entire account. This provided us with less distractions and more time to do the stuff we need to do or the stuff we don’t need to do but really want to do anyways. Gain new experiences, have an interesting and active life, but not preserve any evidence of this for the future. Our cameras were safely hidden in the closet, and never got any chance to get out and join us on our trips.

So, what happened exactly? How do two super active, social media silent, duckface aversive, and selfie avoiding people, decide to start a blog?  To find an answer to this question, we need to go back to the period Helen and Nadine just met. The period when we were fiercely in love, but also the period where we had to get used to combining our lives together. That’s not easy, especially when one of the two works offshore. Sometimes Helen could see the ship Nadine was working on, passing by the shore, but we can assure you: It remains a long and tiring swim to actually meet each other! Phone calls were not possible and there was hardly any internet reach.  That sucked! .. And it meant we needed to get creative. Helen started writing emails to Nadine. Nadine had those emails printed for her, so she would be able to read them at any moment.

After one of the travels, Helen noticed that Nadine’s breasts weren’t levelled. That’s odd! Further inspection showed that all emails were printed, folded and hidden in the breast pocket of her uniform.  The left pocket to be precise, closest to her heart. This was her way to feel Helen close to her on the days she was away. Ahhhhhhh.. so sweet!

Even when Nadine was not sailing, we kept writing. We left little signs, post-its, somewhere in the house for our sweetheart to find. To prepare you for the days you struggle out of bed, drag yourself to the bathroom, and expect the worst from the reflection in the mirror.. but instead, you find a sweet positive message stuck on it. After reading that, we guarantee you your mood brightens and the person looking back to you in the mirror, is smiling from ear to ear. No place in the house was safe from positive reinforcements: the toilet, the kitchen, mirrors, underneath your pillow.

Over the last period, Nadine was home a lot due to studies. Awesome we have more time with each other. On the downside, Nadine really missed Helens emails. Why would Helen write those, if she would be able to tell the story in real-life only a couple of hours later? So instead, we came up with the idea of a blog. No love letters from Helen to Nadine written like “dear diary”. No, we preferred writing about our adventures. You know, Huskey sleighrides, DIY sauna’s, undercover operations, human knots, explosive tents, invasions of the jellyfish etcetera.

After almost 6 months, blogging has become a habit. We tend to forget the camera less and have even taken some selfies (it being said, Helen always objects to selfie moments). Last week, Nadine secretly placed a post-it in the house. A feel-good message, delivered in an old-school way. Yeah!

In the coming period, Nadine will be away more often for work. The question remains: will Helen start writing emails to her, or does Nadine have to subscribe to our website to stay updated about the latest adventures?




Helen and Nadine

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-30 at 15.43.49


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