Helen and Nadine plan their summer vacation…

Every year the same thing happens: In July half of the population pack their bags and collectively move towards sunny locations. To look for a perfect vacation location, is a challenge on its own. In the past, one was staring at the advertisements on the windows of the travel companies. These days, we spend hours online, googling for the ultimate location. Not only does the perfect location need to have great weather, it also needs to provide you with enough input to share awesome stories at the coffee corner in the office. Above all, the ultimate location needs to remain affordable. Your vacation allowance does not last forever (actually, you already spent it all prior to the start of your vacation).

The moment a small cloud moves in front of the big yellow ball, Nadine already misses the sunshine. It may therefore not surprise you that she is in a constant vacation planning modus. The moment we return from one vacation, Nadine already starts fantasizing about the next trip. This year her idea was to show Helen around Australia. She started checking the rates for airplane tickets and made a preliminary planning. Unfortunately, the planning did not match our working schedules, and therefore Australia will need to wait for a while.

No worries, when 1 country is no longer an option, there are still 194 remaining countries. Plenty of choice! We started to brainstorm and countries as Iceland, Norway, France, Portugal, Spain and Italia were all on the table. Having fond memories of our vacation in Morocco, we realized we have developed a preference for area’s where you can surf. Helen would love to visit the mountains and do some trails, so our focus shifted to more inland destinations.  Not for long though, for the thought of a sailboat took us to areas with beautiful lakes and amazing sunsets.

After this our focus was lost and our imagination went around in infinite loops.  Summer vacation, it remains very difficult: do you go camping, of do you opt for a luxury stay? Do you take the car as transportation or do you prefer to travel by plane or boat? Do you want to visit mother nature or beautiful cities? Don’t you get tired of hearing people around you talk your native language when you are abroad?  Are you prepared to use your hands and feet to ensure people understand you? Are you willing to risk becoming a tourist attraction yourself in countries like China? Do you mind going undercover or are the 72 countries where homosexuality is penalized, out of the question?

Options, questions and hard choices. Wasn’t vacation time supposed to be the time to relax, with no obligations and just doing what you want to do? For the time being, we’ve decided to postpone the hard choices, while enjoying our drinks, relaxing in the garden, savoring the sunshine, and fantasizing about our mystery vacation. One day the mystery will be revealed and we’ll enjoy some awesome weeks together at the ultimate location. For now, we’ll enjoy every day as if it’s already vacation 🙂




Helen and Nadine


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