Helen and Nadine learn to postpone less…

5CAEB205-B660-4232-AD1F-FF3438CAA4C0You may have experienced this: you started a project with maximum enthusiasm and halfway through you loose faith in the outcome. This makes finalising the project an unbearable effort and as such you just leave it there. We are under the impression that in every house there is a floor without finishing baseboards. Or think about the spring cleaning resulting in an empty floor, but with piles of junk on the bed (really annoying if you want to have a little nap after the hard work). Or think about when you finally have the courage to come out of the closet towards your parents but “forget” to inform the rest of the family.

Well, Helen has a project which started approximately in the Ice Age. Everyone around her has given up hope that she will ever finalise this project. Helen built a sauna in her garden. Not just any sauna, this sauna comes with couches, infrared lights and a very sturdy heater. She made the sauna piece by piece, insulated it and added a glass door and extra window. This really is an all-in-one sauna, but it lacks one thing: electricity. So, we have been able to enjoy a very dark, wooden box without any function whatsoever for a very long time, a damn waste.

There are things you can do with such a beautiful dark box and in the meanwhile dream that the box will turn into a sauna overnight. To be honest, we do not believe in lapricons, so we had to take action ourselves. After a period of friendly reminders from Nadine, Helen set her intention and made a list. The intention was to finish the sauna, but there was a long way to go and there were multiple actions to be taken. So, she wrote down the next up action and scheduled when she would initiate this. Somebody had to come over to fix the electricity and to connect the heater, small steps to reach the dreamed result!

That first little next step, contacting the electrician, did not seem impossible. As every step starts with action, Helen clearly needed to move her butt. With result, last week the heater was connected and we took our first test drives in the sauna! What a pleasure it is to walk into the garden heading to an actual functioning sauna! What a reward for all the hard work. Yes also in the sauna there are supposed to be finishing baseboards.  Helen solemnly vows to place these … someday.

All the best,

Helen and Nadine

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