Helen and Nadine fly through the day…

On an easy and slightly lazy Sunday, our second festival of this summer was scheduled. Thank God It’s Yoga Festival. Never heard of, first edition and fun! We like exploring new festivals (especially the ones with a solid organization and diverse content). On arrival, we were welcomed with a smile and a high-five. It turned out we were one of the first people who bought a ticket to the festival.  We were quickly introduced to the different area’s and invited to grab a yoga math.  It was time to get started!

And a great start it was: a nice lesson of vinyasa flow yoga. 30 to 40 individuals stretching themselves and trying the follow the routine of the teacher, while sweating to the maximum. The sun appeared to be really entertained by all the sun salutations and started to shine with pride.

Next up was a lesson in ashtanga yoga. We didn’t really need a warm up anymore, at this point most of us were close to a melting point (thank you sun!). The teacher admitted this was his first time ever teaching with sunglasses on. The atmosphere was nice and the lesson went smooth. Nadine really liked the challenging poses, while Helen preferred to focus on relaxation (read: taking a nap). She was trying to save her strength for the next session. She was going to give Nadine her first fly lesson!

Huh? What? Yes, a lesson in flying. Let us explain. The next session was Acroyoga, one of Helens favorites. A yoga style focused on working together, balance and flying! With full anticipation we waited for the start of the session. The enthusiasm would last the entire lesson. We agreed to stick together and not much later Nadine was hanging upside down over Helen. The flying lesson had just taken off.

Trust, active postures and finding the right balance: it was one large playground. And a lot of fun! Making errors was simply not an option: if a human tower collapsed, we checked if everybody was okay, we helped each other up and we tried again. SmilingJThis way, Helen also flew above Nadine and a woman roughly 2 times Helens size flew high above her with a bright smile (and some last remaining panic in her eyes).

The time flew by: after this session it was already time for dinner and a party and we wound up the day with a beautiful sunset.



Helen and Nadine



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