Helen and Nadine challenge you…

There are moments in life, that provide you with a solid reality check. Moments that make you realize you need to take a step back to catch your breath and look around you. To stop running through your chaotic and rushed life and to look inside you. To see where you are, where you are heading and to redirect your direction. Take control of your life.

Time does not change, it just continues, all the time. Minutes turn into hours, turn into days and turn into weeks. Before you realize it, an entire month has passed and a split-second later a new year is about to start. “Huh? What happened? The last time I checked it was the beginning of summer! How can it be October already?” A lot of our precious time, we spend on standard activities: sleeping, eating, working, and all the things we have to do or think we are obliged to do.  How much of our precious time do we actually spend doing the things we really love doing? How much time do we spend with the people that are truly important to us? How much of our precious time do we waste on other people’s agenda’s, on things that are not important (Facebook, Netflix) or on things that other people expect from us?

When we choose to spend time with the people that truly matter to us, how consciously present are we? When we are having dinner with a loved one, how often and how long are we really in the moment? Or are we busy with complaining about other people, work, the chaos called life, little annoyances, our phone or all the things that distract us? What a waste of time!

Reality checks are for Helen and Nadine the moments we realize that our life is amazing. How often we can do the things we love doing and how wonderful our life together is. Our awesome vacations, our nice city trips, the moments we spend with friends and family, our sports, hikes, all spontaneous activities and all the other things we do.

Way too often, people realize what they had, the moment it’s gone. There are a lot of luxuries we all have, which we don’t fully enjoy. Your relationship, your health, your house, your income.. all perfect ingredients for an amazing life and somehow we don’t realize this until the moment illness strikes, we lose our job or our relationship is under threat.  Instead we focus our attention on things we want to obtain without realizing what we already have. Why does it appear to make more sense to focus on what you don’t have or lost instead of appreciating what you have right now?! Are we that afraid of the feeling of happiness? Answer for yourself: do you really want to complain and be a victim or do you prefer being happy and appreciative?

We know the answer for ourselves: we prefer to enjoy our happy life. That implies, appreciating our times together, even though our time together is limited due to the nature of Nadine’s occupation. We focus on our successes and time together instead of focusing on the moments that are stupid and alone. Appreciative of our life together, instead of missing the other person like crazy when she is away from home for a longer period. This way we get through the rotten and lonely moments: the moments where Nadine is not able to get a message through for multiple days in a row or the times the telephone connection fails after 10 seconds.

It does not protect you from negative things happening, (and it certainly does not get Nadine home anyway faster).. but it does give us a better feeling during those weeks alone. It provides us with the strength to get through the rough moments. That’s why we challenge you: take a moment to realize what you have. All those little pieces of happiness, that together form your unique life: the people, the activities, your passions. Enjoy the time you have and use it wisely!


Helen and Nadine



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