Helen and Nadine are tangled up…

IMG_0298When you are surfing in Morocco for a full week, stretching and relaxing your muscles  during a yoga lesson sounds very tempting. After a full day of surfing and a quick shower, Helen and Nadine were ready to enjoy an hour filled with yoga. For Nadine, this was her first serious introduction to the collection of asana’s. She looked forward to an hour of relaxing, but the truth turned out to be far from it. The program consisted of an amount of high level vinyasa flow series, extra bonus points to be awarded for extreme flexibility. There was a lot of movement and variety, but how do you make sure you do not get all tangled up like the cord of the apple headphones? One arm left, a leg stretching towards the sky, while your other leg is folded under your buttock. A downward facing dog transitioning to a three legged version: provided you can figure out where to place all your legs. No, this hour of relaxing turned out to be very active in reality.

An hour later Nadine stood with two legs on the floor, with her arms untangled and with sweat dripping down her face. The weather in Morocco was amazing but that was not the reason why she was perspiring. For an hour she bended herself in unusual, but anatomically correct, curves. Her body had forgotten decades ago that she’s able to bend like this. She used muscles of which the existence was unknown to her. She had made movements which look like Newton had forgotten to invent the concept of gravity.

To her big surprise Nadine felt totally laid-back! Not due to complete exhaustion, but as a result of the intense movements. Her thoughts were empty, her body was relaxed and all muscle tension and accompanying tangles were gone. That sure did feel good!

It felt so amazing that once we returned to the Netherlands, we started to look for a good yoga teacher. We voluntarily want to become tangled up more often.


Helen and Nadine

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