Helen and Nadine are going for the ultimate impulsive retail therapy…

Ever since we’ve taken our part-time residence in Alkmaar, we’ve been looking for ways to upgrade our living room and truly make that house our home as well. Nadine was looking forward to buying a new chair. So, we went for a little light Saturday afternoon furniture shopping. To be clear: the idea was a chair, for Nadine, for our house in Alkmaar. Clear? So, the next day we were moving a new sofa, for Helen, to Wateringen. Not clear? Huh?! What the hell happened in those 24 hours, turning the entire idea upside down?

On our Saturday afternoon, after enjoying a nice cup of coffee, we gently walked to the Scandinavian design furniture store. Nadine saw a chair online and she wanted to see and feel it in real life. Unfortunately, the chair was not available, but we were guided to the sofa version of said chair. Which was very nice and comfortable indeed. An ingenious idea formed in Helens mind and before she wanted to share this idea with Nadine, she asked for her assurance to hear her out prior to calling her completely crazy. Helens idea was to buy the sofa in addition to the chair.  This way we would have the complete set, for one day we’re hoping to actually live in one house (which appears to be much easier than having two houses). Instead of laughing at her face and calling her retarded/nuts/mentally impeded, Nadine started smiling and 5 minutes later the deal was done. The next day we would pick up the sofa.

Maybe you are now thinking: okay, enough shopping for now, hide your wallet; this has to be a one-time occurrence. We’re afraid it was not. We did in fact not teach our lesson. Not even close. After our surfing vacation in Morocco, Helen decided to buy a surfboard. Our next stop was the surf store where we spotted the ultimate surfboard online. When we entered the store, it turned out the ultimate board was on sale (even better!) and 5 minutes later the decision for the board was made.

.. to regret the decision seconds after we left the store. Deep regrets. Deep, deep regrets. Don’t misunderstand us: Helen was thrilled with her surfboard. Nadine was less happy, she regretted not impulsively buying a surfboard as well! She quickly made a plan to sell her own secondhand board and to get the funds together for her new surfboard. Helen proved not to be a very reliable failback in case of acute retail therapy issues.  We immediately called the surf shop admitting our mistake and restoring it: our second large impulsive purchase this week was a fact!

A complete living room set consisting of a sofa and chair and not one but two surfboards later, we’re fully enjoying our retail therapy results. We do believe an actual therapist is a lot cheaper than our way!


Helen and NadineIMG_4226-3


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