Helen and Nadine are convinced of the benefits of their relationship..

When you start to explore the possibilities of relationships as a lesbian woman, you will soon discover that the lesbian relationship differs from the traditional relationship image. The same applies for your environment: we often receive the question who of us is considered the man in our relationship. The trouble people go through to stick to the traditional image! Newsflash: in a lesbian relationship there is no man, that’s the entire point! There are many advantages to a relationship involving solely two women. Here’s the overview:

  1. Clothing heaven! Okay, you need to have a little bit of luck, but the chances are high that two women are about the same size. This means your clothing options have just doubled (without spending a dime)! Easy if you want to alternate outfits. Difficult when you experience stress to make choices as to what to wear: your morning routine just gotten a lot more difficult.
  2. Shared premenstrual syndrome! Nobody knows what you are going through when your stomach hurts, you’re grumpy and you are in a desperate need of a chocolate overdose, except for another woman! So, spent the day together cuddled up on the sofa, eating chocolate while binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. Mother nature even helps you a bit, by making sure your periods are aligned.
  3. No more contraceptives! No sudden pregnancies, no reminders to take the pill, no worries whether you should take a test, no need to take hormones, no stress!
  4. Not being stuck in traditional roles! The woman cooks, the man does the dishes and takes out the garbage. Does this mean our trash bin is never emptied? No, of course not! We’re not convinced many families still stick to the old-fashioned roles, but we do believe we experience more freedom in dividing the household chores. No expectations, no issues, just making sure together that our houses remain fresh and clean.
  5. No sandpaper! OMG, we’ll never forget how it felt when kissing a guy. The sanding or his cheek against yours. No, we prefer the smooth female skin over the rough cheek of a man (feel free to think otherwise).
  6. Freedom of movement! When we are shopping, nobody looks surprised when one of us decides to jump from one fitting room to the other. Also, exiting a toilet together appears to be really normal. Sharing a dressing room, no problem there! Oh and wait, let me fix your bra.. we realize there’s a lot we can do in public, maybe even more compared to heterosexual couples.
  7. Share toiletries! In the bathroom of a woman, there’s always a hairbrush you can use when in need. Also, it’s so easy to use each other’s shower gel, lotions etc!
  8. BFF time! Be honest, who does not want his partner to be his best friend? The person you know well, who you can lean on in times of trouble, who you literally tell everything and who’s always there for you. It’s amazing to have your BFF around all the time!

Adding everything up, there are many advantages to a lesbian relationship. We think our relationship has many benefits!


Helen and Nadine




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