Helen defies the waves…

IMG_4080Remaining in control is pretty difficult when you are floating in the sea with your surfboard. Nature is extremely powerful and you are just a tiny spot on the surface of the sea. There is no chance at all, that you are stronger than the waves. When you do not pay attention for a second, a wave will swipe you off your board and you will tumble in the water: head first. Ultimately, you end up at the beach where you can cough up your pride, along with gallons of salty water. No, unless you are Zeus, you will loose any face off with the sea.

Having this in mind, Helen started her first week of surfing. She was surprised to see Nadine defying the waves with no apparent effort. With her, many other people appeared to have no trouble at all outfacing the waves. But there Helen was, in knee hight depth, struggling through the water with her surfboard in her hands. Every time she tried to walk further, waves would throw her back. Each time she resisted with all her might against an approaching wave, to come to the conclusion that the wave threw her back nonetheless. Apparently, resisting the waves only led to fatigue, nothing else. Out of breath, she struggled further pounding every wave and drinking gallons of salty water.  Kudos for the determination but the energy level and fun disappeared beyond the horizon.

After a short break and enjoying some fresh water, Helen went through her options. Resisting was pointless. There was no way around the waves. Giving up is not in her genes. She let go and walked into the water: she would see what would happen. She visualised herself surfing and gently moved forward towards the starting point. Not much later, she jumped on her board, pushed up and instead of fighting the wave, the wave carried her.

Letting go is difficult, and usually people do not want to accept that they have no control over something. But, when every attempt is futile, letting go may be your only option. Remember: you can not control the waves, but you can surf them!


Helen and Nadine


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