Helen and Nadine on their husky sleigh ride..

How does the ultimate start of a new year look like? Sitting at the beach drinking a Mojito or taking a fresh and chilly dip in the sea on New Year’s Day? No, we did not have such a beginning of the year. Our 2018 started in Finnish Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland. In a village we can not pronounce or spell but more importantly: lots of snow, partly sunny and six panting dogs. What? Yes, you are reading it correctly!

On the 1st of January, we started the day in the snow, enjoying the very early morning (10 am) and astonished about our small hangover. Not much later, we opened our suitcases taking out all the cloths we could find and put them on. Gloves, hat, exactly as a Michelin man would look like. We were ready to go!

Loud barking dogs were welcoming us. An enormous amount of husky dogs were greeting us but were limited by a chain, dog leash or fence. Soon we settled on a sleigh. We have had assigned the next sled after the guide, with some slim and fast looking dogs. These dogs participate in various races but this time we were the lucky ones to be towed through the beautiful snow landscape. The dogs were absolutely excited: Wow, we went really really fast! Nadine grabbed the reins and steered the sleigh skillfully through the curves of the holly snow landscape. When we had to decrease speed, Nadine had to push with all her weight on the brake for the six madly enthusiastic dogs did not understand what stopping meant. Fantastic to glide through this breathtaking white landscape, where you heard nothing but the sliding of the sleigh over the snow and the panting dogs. Astonished how the dogs were able to speed up so quickly and be one with nature. Enjoy it, do not get frozen and especially wonder around as much as possible. Oh and of course take pictures, Helen took the moment for granted when she had to take off her gloves and having her hands in the freezing cold.

The hands revitalized fast when we were back on the farm and a nice open fire was on. A shot of local hot juice and our bodies started to defrost. After hugging some cute huskies, a nice warm clot of drool in our face and a photo shoot with the cutest ones, we went home completely satisfied.

One bullet point of our wish jar has a thick in the box, a great start of 2018!

Let’s make it a fantastic year,

Helen and Nadine


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