Helen and Nadine continue to build…

When two people come together, sooner or later the question will arise if and how these lives merge together. Two very different lives, two very different personalities and only one wish: a future together. A future with loads of adventures, passion and challenges.

Two years ago we met for the first time: Dinner at an Italian restaurant, with an awkward start. When Helen met Nadine, she instantly knew ‘this is more than just a nice person.’ Well, it’s hard to stay calm and relaxed in such a case! After some chit chatting, we started to talk about some more serious subjects and discovered we share a lot of the same idea’s, like the same activities and many more things we liked about each other. So, we decided to not take it slowly but run and do everything which is not recommended for the first dates.

After two years, we are still running, we are living together and we both wear the same ring. Together, we look into our future.

What kind of future do we want and what do we undertake together? How do we keep the cooperation and communication great in order to get the best out of ourselves? How do we transform two individual houses to one cosy home, where do we want to build up our lives anyway? Which travels do we want to do and which sports are we going to play together? Moreover, how do two women create a relationship with accompanying self-mockery questions, other than a wish jar? (Literally translated from Dutch, the wish jar would be a wish dyke).

And therefore, we sit at the table on a cold mopish autumn evening. We take a bunch of small empty papers. Each of us writes one wish for us together per paper. The other one is not allowed to see it by this time to keep the excitement high. When the jar is filled up with papers, we utter a sigh of relief and realise we will not be bored at all the next couple of years.

Now, the best part of the evening. We install ourselves on the couch with a hot chocolate. Each of us is allowed to pick one paper at a time and read the wish out loud. Helen is chuckling approvingly ‘Hey, I wanted to write that one down too’,’Wow, that fits perfectly with my wish’. The most beautiful plans come up and everything seems to be possible. We enjoy the similarities in ideas and authenticity of the wishes. For instance, the husky sleigh ride will not take long to be not only a wish but also a great memory. We will be going to exercise a lot to be able to trail run long distances, we will climb some great mountains, Nadine likes the idea of Helen having a big bird of prey on her arm and we started to prepare our gin tasting for this spring.

The wish jar, recommended for everyone who wants to brainstorm together about ideas where the sky’s the limit. You get reconnected and there will never be a dull moment anymore. More wishes out of our dream jar, and the related adventures will be posted in our next blogs!

Helen & Nadine

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